How to treat migraine headaches naturally

Migraine headaches can be treated using daily supplements or lifestyle changes that you can incorporate to improve your overall health. Migraines can sometimes be avoided by simply restricting your diet or avoiding stress and making sure that you get plenty of rest. Supplements can be an effective alternative to many popular medical treatments and it is recommended that you try natural remedies before you move on to more severe treatments.

Home remedies for strong headaches can include supplements like Apple cider vinegar which is very high in vitamins and minerals and can have a large effect on your overall health and take care of your headaches as well. Drinking and apple cider vinegar concoction daily or using an Apple cider vinegar compress on your neck or head or even your face whenever a migraine begins to develop can be a great way to treat the symptoms quickly and painlessly.

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Are headaches caused from dehydration? (Water Remedy)

Water is a fast remedy for most people’s headaches because they are often dehydrated not noticing that they are going too long without drinking enough water. One of the simplest remedies that you can try whenever you have a headache is to drink lots of water and stay very hydrated.

Next time you have a headache drink a full glass of water and see how you feel afterwards. If this doesn’t help and try to drink another glass of water until your urine turns into a clean and clear color without much odor. After you sleep through the night your body isn’t taking in any new water but it is utilizing what you drink from the previous day.

Therefore it is recommended that as soon as you wake up you drink a warm glass of water with a lemon in it or a cup of tea to get your body running efficiently and to make sure you’re properly hydrated throughout the day.

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Acupressure Simple & Fast Remedies for Headaches

Acupressure is a remedy that people are finding to be beneficial for headaches. One user from Oklahoma said that her aunt had taught her a form of acupressure that works for headaches. She said that it works really good once the pressure is off.

She also said that you can take one of your thumbs and place it just above the nose where it goes into the forehead, not directly on the nose but between the eyes and put your other thumb and place it at the base of your skull in the back.

She said that this soft spot just below where your skull in at the bottom of the back of the neck is a great place to apply firm and even pressure for about 10 seconds. She said that whenever you reach 10 seconds you have to slowly release the pressure to the count of 10.

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5-HTP Great Remedy for Headaches & Sleep Problems

5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is a great remedy for headaches. When user took 50mg pills twice whenever they get a headache and found that they receive amazing fast relief.

This user from Asheville North Carolina said that the first time that they took 5 HTP, their headache went away easily and they thought that it was only a coincidence. But after another pill they said that they didn’t even have a problem falling back asleep whenever they woke up during the night.

Another girl name Stephanie from Louisiana said that she found the remedy after looking for herbal remedies for her daily headaches that she would get often. She found 5-HTP and then according to some of the articles that she read she noticed that some of the things that the supplement helped with included things like insomnia, headaches, anxiety and even depression.

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